Commissions (prices and information)
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Cat Eyes in Mixed Media
Humpback whale in aquarel
Four horses
Snowy Owl - colour pencils

Art Commissions

Would you like me to paint/draw your beloved pet or favourite animal?


This is how it works:


(1) Size & Price 


NB Other sizes are also possible and I can always advise if necessary. Prices are an indication, conversion rates to GBP and USD may be updated according to the latest data available.

(2) Photographs 

I use reference photographs for my artwork. I prefer a range of photographs as this enables me to get to know your pet and his/her character! The clearer the photo the better: it helps me to zoom in and to capture as much detail as possible. It can be difficult to take photographs of a pet but I list some helpful photo tips below.


If you want me to paint one of your favourite animals and you do not have a suitable reference photo then please let me know as I have access to many animal photo databases.


(3) Deposit

Once we have agreed the above, and to confirm your commission, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total price is required (to cover time and art materials). For payments I accept PayPal or bank transfer.


(4) The art process

I will update you with my progress on the painting. I will send you a photo of the final artwork and when you are happy with it you can transfer the rest of the payment. The painting will be shipped to you as soon as the final payment has been received.


(5) Shipping 

Artwork within the UK/Netherlands can be posted for a cost of around €10/£9. Shipping outside of the UK/Netherlands can vary depending on the destination and also the size of the portrait. All portraits are safely packaged to prevent bending or smudging.

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If you find it hard to take photographs from your pet, perhaps these photography tips might help:


  • Photos taken by daylight (and without flash) capture the most accurate colours. Photos taken inside but near a window, or outside (better in the shade) give the best light conditions for this purpose.
  • Photos taken at eye level to your pet are generally the best for paintings (photos taken from above or below can distort the proportions which won't always look good in a portrait)
  • Make sure that you can clearly see the eyes!
  • Try to zoom into your photographs and check if you can see the fur texture and other fine details

I look forward to drawing your beautiful pets!

Marijke Nita Fine Art


🐺 Instagram: @marijke_nita_fine_art